KE054 Pure Child

Pure Child



April 27, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Pure Child

This design is meant to take away the desires of people to hurt children. Too often we see incidents where children are kidnapped, attacked or stalked on their way home from school, or playing in the park. Those who would cause harm to young people need to realize that it is not right to do that, and they will be caught and will be judged if they do.

This is also meant to help the children feel safe, like someone is watching over and protecting them. That protector could be their Guardian Angel, a parent, a friend, a police officer or God. No matter who it is, the child should feel safe, but know when to call for help if they are in a dangerous situation.

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The idea came from watching the news, local events and talking with other parents. The painting idea came from a dream.


Kids who walk alone and children who play in dangerous locations can keep this is an amulet. People with a history of child abuse or molestation should have this to learn to control their thoughts and impulses.


There are no special notes for this painting.

Music Composition:

Composed: around 2006

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