KE085 Physiognomy




October 10, 2006


Acrylic on Paper






House Physiognomy is the way a house is built, including all physical characteristics of the building, location, direction of each side of the house, and proper airflow. For energy to properly flow through the house and bring you good health, house physiognomy is something to consider before purchasing property or building a new place.

This can also be related to in Chinese Feng Shui, or Japanese Fusui (風水). So, when you build a house, you need to apologize in advance to the Wind and Land Gods for stopping the flow of energy and air in that location. Neglecting to do this may cause health problems or problems with everyday life for those who reside there. Most people are unaware of this, however many who are aware, have ignored it.

This most often can’t even be helped if you are moving into a house that you did not design, as in renting or buying an older house.

The music in this art offers the apologies to these Gods for you, in hopes of clearing any bad luck or negative energy that builds as a result of bad physiognomy blocking positive energy flow.

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I had considered creating this for sometime, since I heard about Feng Shui and Fu-sui. Recent requests at the time had helped me speed up my efforts!


You should have this design (postcards are convenient to display) in your house if the orientation is awkward, the home layout doesn’t seem right, or you are moving to new place or building a home. If the residents in the house or office always seem to be sick, it may be a result of bad physiognomy.

Another clue to bad natural layout is that you can’t seem to keep business in a certain building. The tenants may keep moving out or customers are just less interested than you would think. The negative energy build up can naturally repel people from the area.



The best way to use this design is with postcards. Walk around the house or office and hang a postcard (or any size) in any location that feels heavy or dark, or where the air feels stale.

Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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