KE046 No Flag

No Flag (Freeing North Korea)



March 26, 2006


Marker on Paper





No Flag (Freeing North Korea)

This design was created to help free the people of North Korea from their dictator Kim Jong-un. People should not suffer because of the greedy desires of their leader. This is in hopes that he will step down from power, or they can overthrow him (hopefully peacefully) to create a new peaceful North Korea.

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The music in this drawing came straight out of a dream.


Anyone suffering from greedy tyrants and dictators, especially those of North Korea (DPRK).  This includes those who have died or escaped and are living as refugees (or are in hiding) in other countries such as South Korea and China.


I have had many dreams of people suffering in North Korea and of power change when Kim Jong-il was still in control.

Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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