KE099 My Time Has Come

My Time Has Come



March 27, 2007


Acrylic on Paper





My Time Has Come

This design brings an Angel to take souls to the light when their time has come. When our job is finished and our body is too worn out, rather than leading a tough, meaningless life just passing time in a hospital bed, we call upon our Angel to take us peacefully to the next world.

This is not a death wish for another person or yourself. Rather this is a request for a peaceful ending to the hard work one has put into this lifetime of training on Earth when their training is complete and they know it inside their heart and soul.

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Discussions with friends and watching people live long lives on medication or life support without being able to live a meaningful life inspired me to create this painting.


Old and feeling completely prepared to die. Training on Earth is complete and ready to move on. Rather than live on a ventilator for life support, one should move on to their next destination. This also allows their loved ones to begin the grieving process and move forward with their life (life is training for every soul) as well.


These days with so many medical advances and machines, doctors and hospitals can keep a body alive longer than the brain.  At that point, the soul gets lost as it cannot fulfill any work it needs to complete in the human world, and it cannot move on to the spirit world.

At the same time, it is hard to let go of hope, especially for those of us who are not doctors and cannot understand exactly what the machines are doing to keep the body alive on “life support”.

Music Composition:

Composed: March, 2007

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