KE044 Lift The Curse

Lift The Curse



March 21, 2006


Marker on Paper





Lift the Curse

A curse is different from a spell.

Spells are lighter than curses and usually not created on purpose, but by negative thoughts toward others. A curse is much stronger as it is created on purpose with loathing thoughts toward another in hopes that another will suffer. These are usually created as revenge for a grudge.

We must be careful not to hold grudges and created curses because they not only bring down the victim, but the person who placed the curse as well. Both sides are bound together and doomed to suffer until the curse is lifted. Nothing good can come from a grudge or curse, in the end, everything returns to the way it was in the beginning, and the lesson is not learned.

In place of a curse, we must learn to Love! We need Love, Apologies and Sunlight to get over a curse. I highly recommend reading Right Prayer and Break the Spell for a deeper understanding.

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This design was inspired by many dreams of cursed souls. Some were people who had placed curses on others and couldn’t release their grudges or hate. Others were souls who had curses placed upon them and were suffering as a result.


Hateful feelings toward another, hated by another, cursed in the past, holding grudges.


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Composed: early 2006

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