KE066 I'll Stay Right Here

I'll Stay Right Here



July 21, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





I’ll Stay Right Here

This is design was created for those who recently had someone near them pass away. This is meant to take away any conditions that would allow that passed soul to take you with him or her to the other side before your time. We must grieve for those who pass to the other side and come to terms with their passing in our hearts. Then we must move on in our own life for our own sake as well as the soul who has progressed to the next step of their training.

This coincides with the Japanese/Chinese calendar day of “Tomobiki.” Tomo = friend, and biki = pull. On these days of the calendar, it is believed that any big event around you can pull you in with it. This is great for weddings, but bad for funerals. Take this picture with you, either in compact size, or in your mind, to remind you and the passed soul that you must stay here and complete your own training, though their training will move on to the next level

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This design came from dreams of family members being taken away to the spirit world while attending an upcoming funeral.


When someone near you passes and you go to their funeral (especially on a “tomo-biki” day), you want to be strong enough not to be taken with that soul. Attachments are formed with people and souls may not want to leave alone. They may not understand what is going to happen next and want to take you with them for guidance. It also may be a soul with a grudge who didn’t want to be outlived by you.


Living in Japan, I’m often exposed to different beliefs and religions. Some things make sense to me and some don’t, but when people believe strongly in something it can affect them in many ways, regardless of whether it actually exists.

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Composed: 2006

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