KE120 Heavenly Ways

Heavenly Ways



June 18, 2008


Acrylic on Paper





Heavenly Ways

This design was made for people who were any sort of priest (Father, Sister, Mother, Brother…) and made a pact with God to not get married, have children etc, and give up humanly ways of life for a closer relationship with God. The hope in this design is to ask God to release that pact / promise so that these people may now live a life with marriage and children, yet still keep that same closeness to God.

This was mainly created for people to clear these situations from their past lives, where they made this pact as a priest, then died and were reborn, but their soul still has that pact restraint placed upon it. In this life they most likely have no memories or even feelings of the sort and want to go about “Life as Usual,” yet find that they naturally tend to meet resistance in these areas.

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Discussions with friends inspired me to paint this spiritual healing art.


If life seems more complicated than it should be and you can’t seem to get married or bare children, there is a chance that your were a priest, priestess, monk, minister or pastor of some sort in the past (or past life). You may still feel close to God but want to live a different lifestyle. You can still do God’s work, but from a different perspective.


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Music Composition:

Composed: June 14, 2008

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