KE028 Finding Heaven

Finding Heaven



January 5, 2006


Marker on Paper





Finding Heaven

This design was created for the souls who died for their faith and belief in God, Jesus Christ, Christianity or Catholicism. Many people suffered in death to the last minute, being punished for their never ending faith in God, and their refusal to denounce God. They lived life never giving up on Love, but their lives were taken too early and many were unable to to move on to heaven because of that. In this design, the Angels come down and guide those souls in their path to heaven.

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The music in this picture came to me as I walked past a church in town. This is one of the first pictures that I drew before I knew I would be creating music art. After hearing the music in my head, I wrote it down like in the picture, only I didn’t add the cross originally. Once I realized the meaning and what I was supposed to do, I added the cross and the “Finding Heaven” title to complete it.


This painting is for the martyrs, those who died because of their never-ending faith in God. As implied, this painting is for those who have already passed. However if you feel drawn to this painting, it could be that someone around you died this way, or even you in a past life.

Those who were bound by their oath to God and took that oath to their death in a past life, and are now reborn and have a different faith or religion (or none at all) may find that they are at odds with their previous oath. This painting may help to move on in this life, without being bound by promises of the past.



I still have the original pencil sketch of this drawing. It’s the first of it’s kind that I ever showed anyone. It is also what inspired me to do what I do now, create healing art with music to help people’s souls move forward in a positive way.

Music Composition:

Composed: around 2004

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