KE087 Father Christmas

Father Christmas



October 26, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Father Christmas

Who is Father Christmas? My image is a tall, classy looking, thin man with white hair and a long white robe and lives in snow filled forest-like mountains. (Not to be confused with Santa Claus.) But he is actually a God whom through this music and art can bring about happiness and wonder for those who have Love inside them.

You know that feeling of warmth you get around Christmas time, even though the air is cold and crisp? That’s Father Christmas at work! Bring that Spirit into your heart, and spread it around with everything you do, every thought you make, and see what Father Christmas has for you!

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While talking about Santa Claus, and Christmas presents, and comparing to the Spirit of Christmas and Love and who Saint Nicholas was, it occurred to me that the God behind the miracles around Christmas time were all thanks for Father Christmas. It started off with a dream and continued with conversations regarding the origin of Christmas and the feeling we get during that season.




Do you see the heart in the painting?  It is said that those who notice the heart quickly are full of true love.

Music Composition:

Composed: 2006

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