KE082 Delivering The Soul

Delivering the Soul



September 17, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Delivering the Soul

This design is very spiritual in nature and deals with the beginning of death. When one dies, the task of the soul separating from the body is very strenuous. To ease this process, one tradition is to put special water around their mouth at the funeral, or on their deathbed, (called the Final Water.)

Not having this done may have been unintentional due to lack of knowledge, or because the person died alone, or passed in a matter that wouldn’t allow for this ceremony to take place. If the person who passed doesn’t get this water, their soul can get lost in the struggle and not be able to move on toward the light and find their heaven.

To help them finally be able to rest in peace, this music and art brings that missing Final Water from the Ocean God at the bottom of the sea up to the God/Angel who greets the soul after it leaves the body, on behalf of the soul who has passed. Thus enabling the soul to be given it’s next direction. This is based on some Buddhist and Shinto beliefs, as well as beliefs from other Western or ancient cultures.

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The need for this came to me in a somewhat disturbing dream. After talking with some friends about it, and doing a little research, we found the source and came up with this design.


This painting is for lost souls, souls who died alone or murdered, not given (or able to be given) proper funeral or burial, having a past life with a situation unsolved and suffering still inside or not receiving “Final Water” after death.

It is also for those who are on their deathbed. The “Final Water” must be delivered by someone who is still alive. In other words, it cannot be delivered from the other side by a spirit that has already passed. If you know someone is in their final day or hours, this spiritual art can give them what they need to make their transition easier.



The angel or god that meets a soul, judges them and sends them on their next path (into the light, or reincarnation) is “Fudo-myo O-sama” in Japanese Buddhism.

The ocean god that I refer to above is called “Sumiyoshi Daijin“.

Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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