KE078 Clear Vision

Clear Vision



September 05, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Clear Vision

This is for people with poor eyesight, in hopes of clearing up their vision problems and helping them to see better again! I’m hoping the colors of the light will be able to shine through strongly for them and clear up their sight! The music must ring out strongly for those who can’t actually see this picture physically. I’d love to hear what this can do for the visually impaired.

Those with poor or no vision have a different view of our world, and a different appreciation for the senses. Having had to wear glasses myself in the past, I know that it can be a pain. I wish for clear vision for everyone, and hope those who have no sight impairments can realize the gift that they have already! In addition, I hope we can learn to appreciate that which people who have no vision can offer us from their point of view.

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This came by request and by desire to help those I know with bad vision. From experience, I wore glasses for several years and one day just didn’t need them anymore (before I made this design.) I really appreciate what people wearing glasses or contact lenses have to go through and want to give them any support I can.


This healing art is for people who can’t see well, have bad eyesight, bad vision, or are blind or wear glasses.


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Music Composition:

Composed: 2006

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