KE008 Angels' Doors (original version)

Angels Doors of Opportunity (original version)



June 13, 2005


Marker on Paper





Angel Doors of Opportunity (original version)

These “Angel Doors of Opportunity” are a vision of Angels waiting in line above the Earth for someone to open a special door for them to come through and help you! The music behind the doors is what makes it possible for them to make the journey to Earth! Open one of the doors and see what comes through for your future.

Yes, the Angels are out there waiting for us, but we have to take the initiative to call them down for guidance and help.

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As I began my endeavor to help change the world for the better, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I tried to imagine a way to call for Angels to come help make this planet a better place to live on and give us hope.


When you need direction in life, Divine Guidance, wishing for success but need advice look to the Angels!


This is one of three designs for Angel Doors. It is also the first in a succession of three designs like a story:

1. Angel Doors 2. Guardian Angel 3. Angels at Work


Music Composition:

Composed: June 18, 2005

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