KE043 Amends With The Ocean God

Amends With The Ocean God



March 20, 2006


Acrylic on Paper






Amends with the Ocean God

This is an apology from humankind to the Ocean God for all the terrible things we have done on its waters. We must apologize for the wars we fought there, the killing we have done there, sinking of ships and leaving them there, and littering the ocean.

We have left the oceans and seas a mess that is nearly impossible to clean up. As we do attempt to clean up, we must first make amends with the Ocean God for the negative things that we have done.

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This design was inspired by many dreams of the terrible history we have at sea.


Sailors, navy personnel, marines, boat captains, fishermen, those who have fought wars and pirates or lost at sea would do well with this healing art.

Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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