KE007 Ave Maria Sermon

Ave Maria (Sermon Version)



May 16, 2005


Marker on Paper





Ave Maria (Sermon Version)

This is my Sermon version of Ave Maria. I remade this picture for a custom order and realized it was more of a message from Mother Mary, as guidance in our life. Having this picture around should help you stay on track. If you look to her for guidance everyday, you can be lead in the right direction. Be careful! You just might feel a direct sermon coming from her when you realize you are veering off in the wrong direction!

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I was feeling close to Mother Mary one day, thinking about how she can help us get through our training in life. That is when I decided to write a song for her, and what better to use than her name in the Hail Mary prayer! So I wrote her name down and started to play out notes on the guitar to match the shape of the letters. This was the result.


If you are feeling lost or misled in your ways, this “sermon” version of the Ave Maria painting may help guide you back in the right direction of pure thought. This will give you a boost of eternal love and light to help you realize right from wrong. The choice is yours.


The following designs have the same music: 006 Ave Maria (original), 007 Ave Maria (sermon), 009 Ave Maria (rainbow), 013 Ave Maria (red), 092 Ave Maria (heart).

While all the art in my paintings have music blended into the design itself, this series is the only one that the music notes connect together to form words.


Music Composition:

Composed: May 14, 2005

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