KE128 Aizen Myo O

Aizen Myo O



September 02, 2008


Acrylic on Canvas





Aizen Myo O

This design symbolizes the Japanese God of Love, “Aizen Myo-O“. It has the power to purify and convert earthly desires (namely love and lust) into spiritual awakening, saving people from the pain that comes with love. This is done by experiencing and learning from interacting with each other and being guided in how to move forward from there.

This Deity also is known by the following names:

  • Rāgarāja
  • रागाराजा (Sanskrit)
  • 爱染明王 (Traditional and Simplified Chinese)
  • Àirǎn Míngwáng (Pinyin)
  • 爱染明王 or Aizen Myō’ō or Aizen Myoo (Japanese)

Love is not easy

True love is unconditional, but that is almost impossible for us human beings to attain. All of our earthly desires and emotions tend to get in the way of showing, expressing, even feeling true love. Though we may feel deep love for someone, a sudden emotion can lead us to do something that we normally wouldn’t do – and jeapordize the relationship with them. When love is strong, if this were to happen to you, you would be able to calmly step back and say “This isn’t your true feelings, you’re just being misguided by a spur of the moment emotion. Therefore I have no need to react in a way that would just make matters worse.” But when you are even in the slightest bit vulnerable, that ability to think straight can slip away quickly, and before you know it things have gotten out of hand and possibly even beyond repair.

This is the point where “Aizen Myo O” steps in to teach us a (spiritual) lesson. It teaches us many things like the fact that no one is perfect. Just because someone is treating you in a way that you don’t like doesn’t make them automatically a terrible person. If you think about, you’ve more than likely done it to that same person at one point in time. If not, you’ve done it to someone else, to some degree. God knows we are human and can help us make better snap-decisions. People don’t realize or stop to think that we are all just human and that’s why we do things like act compulsively and hurt others – be it a negative impulse or even something thought out over a time of deepening grudges.

Changing your ways for the long term takes time, patience and persistence.

Still, changing your ways for the long term takes time, patience and persistence. Even with God’s help. God, angels and your friends and family around you can help you work out kinks in your relationship, but you have to be willing to listen and see things from a different point of view sometimes.


Aizen Myo O may manifest itself to you in many ways. These are some of the times that you could be getting its support:

  • You seem to be arguing less with your spouse or loved one
  • You’ve decided to get married after being against it for a long time
  • You’re becoming able to talk about and try to resolve family relations that have a deep troubled past
  • You are able to forgive more often or release grudges that you’ve held on to

Love is a mysterious thing. I believe we are here on earth with a purpose to grow our souls, and the way to do that is to seek out the ability to constantly act with true love in mind.

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The journey of creating these paintings to help people heal emotionally, physically and spiritually has led me to realize that true love is a lot deeper and more complicated for people than one would ever expect. Yet unconditional love should be as completely simple as taking the initiative to love everyone in the world equally and never having thoughts that would cause ill-being toward another.

So why should it be so difficult for us? As I began to dig deeper into this, I found Aizen Myo O.


This spiritual, emotional healing art is for everyone. Everyone needs it, no one is exempt. It is especially helpful for people having relationship trouble, or those looking to strengthen their marriage. People looking to suppress lust and replace it with more natural pure love will find it easier with this art as well.


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Music Composition:

Composed: September 2, 2008

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