KE037 Justice Prevails

Justice Prevails



February 28, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Justice Prevails

This designs expresses that Justice must prevail! The right will always succeed in the end. It may take time and long perseverance, but they will succeed. People (especially those with power) often put down those who would oppose them – be them leaders, followers or commoners in the crowd.

The world needs more integrity, especially in our leaders. With this design, comes the message that Justice will always prevail and those who oppose it will ultimately lose! When those in charge lead in the wrong direction (i.e. solely for their own benefit or for the benefit of the greedy, ignoring those whom they represent), they will be brought to justice. In contrast, those who would try to bring down those leaders that are actually standing for what is right will never succeed. What’s fair is fair, and those who see and practice the truth will stand strong against their opponents with all the power the world has to offer.

You cannot bring an honest person down, not even in death. Justice always prevails in the end.

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This design was inspired by President Abraham Lincoln. He was assassinated for trying to make Justice Prevail, but in the end, even after his death, what he believed in has lived on.


Anyone who has a chance of being corrupted by politics, anyone in a political position or a representative for many, should have this painting. Justice is blind and so is this painting. It sees the right side and backs it up with strong energy. Those in areas with potential for coups, assassinations, political corruption, just or unjust revolutions should have the power behind this art. Love and compassion for all will prevail.


This music was composed on guitar (with the help of my son, Ryan!)

Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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