KE089 A Calm Earth

A Calm Earth



November 04, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





A Calm Earth

I’d had several dreams about Earthquakes around the time I made this and one morning after 2 earthquake dreams, I woke up to this music and knew I had to paint this picture! This design is to protect us from earthquakes. It may be impossible to stop the earth from shifting, but we can all do our part in a roundabout way by protecting the environment around us and paying a little more attention to how we treat this planet we live on.

Since we cannot stop tremors from happening (it’s Nature’s way) I hope this can serve as an early warning to those who live in areas where an earthquake might occur. My hope is also that it will help calm the souls of the victims of such quakes.

The earthquakes in some of my dreams were caused by man-made issues, mostly fighting over greed, without thought of the impact on the Earth itself. I believe these dreams and the music that came with them were meant as a message that we as human beings can save or destroy this planet we live on, and now is the time to make that choice!

I believe it is very important to be prepared for natural disasters, and there is a great resource for preparing for emergencies at They have an infographic for a backpack emergency supply kit. We have 1 backpack per person in our house that is ready to grab and run in case of an earthquake or emergency that requires us to evacuate immediately. Go through their checklist and see how prepared you are.

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Inspired by dreams of earthquakes, and music playing in my head after waking up from them. These dreams are very real to me and I remember them clearly after I wake up.


Anyone living in a place that is subject to earthquakes of any kind should have this. This includes man made earthquakes from things such as ground penetrating bombs, fracking and heavy construction. If you are living on or near fault lines, you’ll want this design to warn you before a tremor occurs. The other part of this message is to always be prepared for a natural disaster. While you don’t have to live in constant fear that an earthquake will destroy your area (unless you’re in an obviously unstable environment like the foot of a volcano), you should be prepared so you can have peace of mind that you will survive when a natural disaster occurs.


I often have dreams of earthquakes occurring before they happen. The actual quake usually follows within the next 3 weeks. More often in 3 to 10 days.

Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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