Hi everyone, I’m Keith Eldridge. My wife Keiko and I run our English school. We started off in Kure in 2004 under the name “Wings”. Later, we renamed our school Keith Dream English School. We did this to match up with my art, which comes from my dreams! You can see my healing art here: art.keithdream.com

I began teaching English in Hiroshima in 1996 and I’ve taught all ages of students, from kindergarteners to seniors in their 80’s! I love to watch people learn and grow. We really focus on teaching culture differences and “real life” English, as opposed to the standard “grammatically correct” English they teach in schools.  For example, take this quote:

[custom_blockquote style=”grey”]”Colorless green ideas sleep furiously on the table.” – Noam Chomsky[/custom_blockquote]

That statement is grammatically correct, yet completely meaningless. We want to make sure that our students are using meaningful English that is relevant to their own lifestyles and interests.

You’ll be able to read more about our philosophy on teaching and learning language in our future blog posts. Most will be in Japanese, by Keiko, since you really wouldn’t have much need for English lessons if you already read my blogs with no problems. So grab a cup of tea or perhaps some coffee, sit back and enlighten your mind as you go through our blogs!